Programmatic Approach

Litholink has developed a programmatic approach to the comprehensive treatment of chronic disease. Using this approach, we are able to bring to physicians the standard of care at the point of care through laboratory reporting.

What is Litholink’s Programmatic Approach?

Litholink’s programmatic approach for chronic disease consists of the following 9 components:

Medical experts determine the standard of care:

  • Litholink brings together internationally recognized experts in each specialty whose collective expertise is used to develop our programs

Patient education:

  • Program-specific patient education brochures focus on the most frequently asked questions

Ordering guidance:

  • Program-specific tests are organized in an easy-to-use format

High quality testing and service:

  • Highest quality laboratory testing
  • Patient care representatives are available to answer questions about Litholink’s collection processes
  • Easy-to-read collection instructions

Sophisticated clinical guidance:

  • Time-sequential reporting
  • Treatment options
  • Follow-up recommendations

Outcomes feedback:

  • Physician Quarterly Reports showing how physicians manage their patients compared to other physicians in Litholink’s network

Expert consultation:

  • Litholink staffs in-house medical experts who are available to help with specific patient case questions 

Compliance programs:

  • Patient compliance programs help keep patients in the continuum of care


  • Litholink’s IT system allows for many ongoing data analyses as well as clinical analyses