Prevention Program Steps

Our program is designed to be both effective and easy!


Most physicians will initially prescribe for their patients two urine collections done over two 24-hour periods with a follow-up collection done 6 to 8 weeks later.  Litholink will process your urine samples and, based upon the test results, make treatment recommendations back to your physician.  It’s that simple!  And it works: our program has been proven to reduce kidney stone recurrence rates by 80%.

What to expect from your Litholink Prevention Program:

  • Your doctor will give you a “Test Request Form”.
  • You will be assigned to a highly trained Patient Care Representative to support you throughout the collection process.
  • You call Litholink’s toll-free number to get your collection kit mailed to your home.
  • Your at-home urine collection kit comes with complete, illustrated instructions (download collection instructions and FAQ’s about the collection process here) and a return pre-paid FedEx box.
  • If at any time you have questions, please call your Litholink Patient Care Representative.  Our Patient Care team is highly trained to answer all of your questions, Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 6:00pm CST.
  • You complete your collection kit and send back your sample(s) using the pre-paid FedEx form included in your kit.
  • Upon receipt of the sample(s), Litholink performs sophisticated tests on the urine and a results report is sent to your doctor.
  • You will then review the results with your physician and be given a customized treatment program.
  • After you have been on your preventative treatment plan for at least 4 weeks your doctor will order a follow-up test.  This follow-up test ensures that your treatment plan is working correctly for you and will alert your physician to any changes that may need to be made. 
  • After your initial tests, your doctor will schedule annual follow-ups to ensure your preventative treatment plan is right for you.
  • Litholink bills all insurance companies nationwide, including Medicare and Medicaid. 


If your insurance policy does not cover the full amount of the bill, Litholink will not hold you responsible for the balance. This balance is called the "ineligible" charge. But, Litholink will bill you for your co-insurance or deductible. If payment is a hardship please advise us. Call us with any questions about billing or insurance at (800)338-4333.