Value Proposition

A Comprehensive Program for Chronic Kidney Disease

CKD Program Goals

The primary goals of Litholink's chronic kidney disease (CKD) program are to raise the standard of care for patients with CKD and its co-morbidities and to reduce the cost of CKD in human and financial terms by:

  • Increasing the number of members with stage 3, 4, and pre-dialysis 5 CKD in competent physician management in accordance with the National Kidney Foundation's Kidney Disease Outcomes Qualitiy Initiative (KDOQI™) guidelines as well as ATP III (cholesterol), and JNC 7(hypertension) guidelines, which KDOQI™ incorporates.
  • Slowing or preventing the progression of CKD patients to the next stage or dialysis, and when transition to dialysis does occur, enhancing patient preparation and the coordination of the patient's physicians.
  • Reducing hospitalizations, surgeries, and emergency room visits for both renal distress and the many co-morbid heart-related and other complications of CKD and thereby providing a substantial ROI for insurance plans and other payors.
  • Providing reports useful for the plan on a quarterly basis, that inform on the progress of its members and the performance of network physicians on all of the key clinical measures of CKD and its co-morbidities and provide the basis for measuring the program's clinical and financial impact. 


Our Program Addresses Several Gaps in Traditional Disease Management:

  • Getting the physician to initially detect and treat the disease in accordance with the established guidelines for treatment.
  • Coordinating care among the patient's physicians through a single, comprehensive test and treatment record.
  • Providing payors a contemporaneous and comprehensive record of physician performance against key clinical and financial metrics.