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24-Hour Urine Testing
For Providers
For Patients
24-Hour Urine Testing
for Kidney Stone Prevention

Litholink offers 24-hour urine testing for kidney stone prevention. Through sophisticated algorithms, Litholink provides quality test result with patient specific treatment recommendations.

Provider Registration

Dedicated to providing the highest level of customer support for our 24-hour urine testing services. Our national infrastructure allows for a seamless, integrated service that makes it easier for clients to manage their laboratory needs.

Patients can take comfort
in knowing their results are accurate

Litholink has a unique 24-hour urine process. Learn more about how to complete your 24-hour urine.

Committed to Research

Litholink collaborates with leading researchers all over the country in order to advance the field of urolithiasis research.


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Litholink’s At-Home Collection kit produces laboratory results that require a Litholink test request form (lab order) from your medical provider. If you have a Litholink test request form (lab order) you can request your At-Home kit through LabCorp’s patient portal. Requesting a kit without a test request form or lab order may result in your samples being rejected and/or you being held accountable for the full testing cost.

Click here and under Guest Services at the bottom of the page you will find the Litholink logo, click there to register for your At-Home kit.